Manage Your Unmanaged Cloud Attack Surface

Have recent events forced your organization to accelerate your digital transformation projects? How is your SOC preparing for the challenges of having a fragmented attack surface that is rapidly growing in the cloud?

With IT, DevOps and security teams running at redline, attackers are constantly looking for configuration mistakes or vulnerabilities to exploit. While many security teams have worked to develop cloud governance strategies, they often miss critical areas due to rapid cloud development. Our research team has found that organizations are challenged when it comes to understanding:

  • The full spectrum of cloud workloads that are live in their environment.
  • How cloud policies are enforced across all their workloads and cloud subscriptions.
  • How many different cloud providers their organization is using.
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1h 00min

In this webinar, we’ll discuss trends that have led to the fragmentation of the cloud attack surface, share insights into the challenges the community has faced in gaining real time visibility into all their cloud assets, and also share best practices on how organizations can better manage their cloud attack surface.

Featured Speakers

  • Abhishek Anbazhagan
    Abhishek Anbazhagan
    Product Marketing Manager
    Cortex Xpanse, Palo Alto Networks

    Abhi is an engineer turned Product Marketing Manager who has worked across startups and Fortune 500 companies. He has worked in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, fintech, insurance, networking and cybersecurity industries. As a PMM he has launched several products, trained sales teams and presented to executive stakeholders. He is passionate about telling stories to make the complex simple.

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott
    Senior Product Manager
    Cortex Xpanse, Palo Alto Networks

    Andrew Scott is a Senior Product Manager at Palo Alto Networks. He previously led solutions architecture and integrations engineering at Expanse. He is a resource for all things operationalization, integration, and APIs for Cortex Xpanse.

  • Ivan Melia
    Ivan Melia
    Senior Manager, Product Marketing
    Palo Alto Networks

    Ivan leads product marketing for Cloud Workload Protection and Web Application and API security offers, at Palo Alto Networks. Passionate about business, marketing and technology, he focuses on product launches, pre-sales and product adoption.

  • Michael Krieger
    Michael Krieger
    Dark Reading

    Michael has been involved in various disciplines in the information technology field for more than 25 years. His background and experience in product development, marketing and sales give him a unique perspective on how and why companies succeed in the technology marketplace. He has served as a senior VP for marketing at FutureLink, a large ASP based in Southern California. Before that he was VP of marketing for Hitachi Data Systems’ server product line, and also was a senior product manager for AST Research's server and data communications product lines. His entrepreneurial experience includes founding Solution Business Systems, a developer of manufacturing software for IBM midrange systems. He was also VP of product development at Techland Systems, one of the industry's first creators of micro-to-mainframe emulators.

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