What Every Enterprise Should Know About Insider Data Leaks

Cyber attacks by external adversaries are damaging, but it’s your trusted users – those who know your systems and data best – who can truly wreak havoc in your enterprise. In this webinar, experts discuss methods for detecting and preventing risky or anomalous end user behavior, as well as methods for preventing unauthorized access and transfer of data by end users. You’ll also get insight on the evolution of technology used to prevent accidental data leaks, such as data leak protection (DLP) and alternatives.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Learn why insider threats can be so dangerous.
  • Find out how to quickly detect potentially damaging user activity.
  • Get information on how to limit risky user behavior before it happens.
  • Unpack the role password protocols play in mitigating insider threats.
  • Explore the latest data leak protection (DLP) technology that promises to prevent accidental data leaks.

Featured Speakers

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark
    Independent Security Researcher

    Dr. Jason Clark is a subject matter expert in cyber security with nearly 20 years of real-world experience within the intelligence community, academia, and industry. He has extensive knowledge and experience on a variety of technology related topics. Currently, his main area of interest is researching and analyzing better methods to detect, deter, and mitigate insider threats. Dr. Clark holds a CISSP and is a member of IEEE and ACM. He has served on a number of program committees, delivered numerous virtual webinars, and has presented his published work at a variety of conferences around the world.

  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan
    VP of Solution Engineering

    Arif Khan is VP of Solution Engineering and leads PKWARE Solution/Sales Engineering teams globally. As a technology and business executive, Arif has global experience in information technology, cloud computing, big data, and solution selling. As part of Dataguise, which was later acquired by PKWARE, Arif served as Director of Sales Engineering and Professional Services, where he led the technical sales engineering and post-sales delivery teams globally.

  • Becky Bracken
    Becky Bracken
    Dark Reading

    Becky Bracken is a veteran journalist covering cybersecurity for Dark Reading.

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