Malicious Bots: What Enterprises Need to Know

Bots are launching more complex and targeted attacks such as price scraping, credential stuffing, scalping, and credit card fraud, but many security defenders are still focused on only the most obvious attacks. Automated bot attacks are on the rise, but defenders often don’t know how to recognize attacks. In this webinar, experts will discuss which attacks post the greatest risks to businesses, and highlight the impact across different industries. See how bots try to evade detection and learn best practices to help protect your business from both automated and manual bot attacks.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • How to quickly identify and respond to bot attacks.
  • The most common tactics used in malicious bot attacks.
  • The right response for a variety of attack scenarios including scrapers, scalpers, stuffers, and miners.
  • Smart steps to assess the risk of bot attacks to an organization.

Featured Speakers

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark
    Independent Security Researcher

    Dr. Jason Clark is a subject matter expert in cyber security with nearly 20 years of real-world experience within the intelligence community, academia, and industry. He has extensive knowledge and experience on a variety of technology related topics. Currently, his main area of interest is researching and analyzing better methods to detect, deter, and mitigate insider threats. Dr. Clark holds a CISSP and is a member of IEEE and ACM. He has served on a number of program committees, delivered numerous virtual webinars, and has presented his published work at a variety of conferences around the world.

  • Peter Craig
    Peter Craig
    Director, Product Marketing, Cybersecurity
    HUMAN Security

    Peter is Director of Product Marketing – Cybersecurity at HUMAN. He has worked in cyber security for more than 20 years mainly in product marketing but also in sales engineering and enablement. Peter enjoys helping organizations find the right security product for their business.

  • Bryan Becker
    Bryan Becker
    Director of Product Management
    HUMAN Security

    Bryan Becker is the Director of Product Management at HUMAN Security focusing on frictionless, high-precision security. Prior to his role at HUMAN, Bryan built a program at Amazon that used machine learning to identify and mitigate data security risks, and developed and launched an API security product at WhiteHat Security.

  • Becky Bracken
    Becky Bracken
    Dark Reading

    Becky Bracken is a veteran journalist covering cybersecurity for Dark Reading.

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