From Reactive to Proactive, Changing the Culture on API Security

Your Developers are Using APIs Everywhere. But Are Your APIs Secure?

Statistics demonstrate that 95% of companies have experienced attacks targeting their usage of APIs in their modern applications, and this is most likely a concern for you. And yes, it’s likely keeping you up at night. When using other people’s code–via APIs–how do you make sure you’re not using, directly or indirectly, vulnerable APIs?

There are good security approaches and best practices that start at the API code level. But the bigger question is, “do your developers know what those practices are?” Security and threat intelligence must play a role within each part of the API lifecycle to stay ahead of the curve.

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1h 00min

In this talk, you’ll hear from Steve Boone, Head of Product Management at Checkmarx, where he will dive deep into the following topics:

  • How to shift security testing as far left as possible to create secure APIs on every pull request.
  • How to focus your developers’ efforts and attention on where the vulnerable API lives.
  • New ways to prioritize vulnerability remediation based on APIs handling of sensitive data.
  • Where best to correlate API security with SAST results to enhance vulnerability context.

Featured Speakers

  • Steve Boone
    Steve Boone
    Head of Product

    Over the last decade, Steve Boone has helped hundreds of global clients with their strategic adoption of secure DevOps best practices. A frequent speaker at DevOps Enterprise Summit, and DevOps World, Steve has shared his expertise on Secure Continuous Delivery, Value Stream Management, and Agile best practices. Today, Steve is the Head of Product Management at Checkmarx, where his focus is on helping customers solve modern application security challenges with Open Source, APIs, and Supply Chain.

  • Michael Krieger
    Michael Krieger
    Dark Reading

    Michael has been involved in various disciplines in the information technology field for more than 25 years. His background and experience in product development, marketing and sales give him a unique perspective on how and why companies succeed in the technology marketplace. He has served as a senior VP for marketing at FutureLink, a large ASP based in Southern California. Before that he was VP of marketing for Hitachi Data Systems’ server product line, and also was a senior product manager for AST Research's server and data communications product lines. His entrepreneurial experience includes founding Solution Business Systems, a developer of manufacturing software for IBM midrange systems. He was also VP of product development at Techland Systems, one of the industry's first creators of micro-to-mainframe emulators.

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