Emerging Cyber Vulnerabilities That Every Enterprise Should Know About

Every day, black hat attackers and white hat researchers are discovering new security vulnerabilities in widely-used systems and applications that might be exploited to compromise your data. Are you aware of the newest–and potentially most impactful–vulnerabilities that have been discovered/disclosed? In this webinar, top researchers and experts discuss some of the most dangerous emerging vulnerabilities, and what you can do to prevent them from being exploited in your organization.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Learn about top threats to your organization's system.
  • Find out the pros and cons of automating various aspects of cybersecurity operations.
  • Get strategies on prioritizing data protection.

Featured Speakers

  • Roselle Safran
    Roselle Safran
    Cybersecurity Expert and Entrepreneur

    Roselle Safran is an accomplished entrepreneur in the cybersecurity space with experience as a founder and as a CEO. The first cybersecurity startup that Roselle founded, Uplevel Security, was acquired by McAfee. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Roselle spent a decade as a cybersecurity practitioner and leader. She led cybersecurity operations at the Executive Office of the President during the Obama Administration, directing tactical measures and strategic initiatives for protecting and defending the White House’s network. Prior she managed analysis teams at the Department of Homeland Security’s US-CERT and was the product owner for an internal threat intelligence platform before the term “threat intelligence platform” was coined. Roselle holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from Princeton University.

  • Immanuel Chavoya
    Immanuel Chavoya
    Threat Detection and Response Strategist

    Immanuel is a former NASA Supercomputer SRE, supporting one of the USA's Top 10 Supercomputers (Pleiades). He is the author of several cybersecurity focused articles on topics ranging from Building a Security Program, Container Security, to articles on commodity Ransomware like Yashma. Immanuel is an InfoSec researcher by night; notable research including identifying over 100+ sites impacted by related magecart skimming activity. By day Immanuel has curated his security skill set by spending years with "boots on the ground" perspective as a Senior Security Analyst and Triage team Lead for the NASA Security Operation Center at Ames Research Center. Immanuel has since expanded his work to the private sector bringing his expertise to the Product Security team at Intuitive Surgical, continuing his goal of bringing security expertise where risk has a critical impact to human life. While at Intuitive Surgical Immanuel led the maturation of their Vulnerability Management team for Intuitives "da Vinci" Medical Robots, and helped architect PSIRT and PSOC initiatives. Immanuel has played a key role at Intuitive as Lead Product Security Engineer, authoring key Security Policies and Playbooks, and helping to define a path forward for their DevSecOps initiatives. Immanuel is currently a spokesperson and Product Security Senior Manager at SonicWall, helping to defend against Nation States and Advanced Persistent Threats, vowing to make Zero Days harder for attackers. In addition, Immanuel contributes back to the security community as an elected member of the Silicon Valley ISSA Board of Directors (www.sv-issa.org). The ISSA is a not-for-profit, international organization of information security professionals and practitioners.

  • Becky Bracken
    Becky Bracken
    Dark Reading

    Becky Bracken is a veteran journalist covering cybersecurity for Dark Reading.

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