Understanding and Selecting IAM for Cloud Services

Understanding and Selecting IAM for Cloud Services


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Adrian Lane
Analyst & CTO
Adrian Lane
Adrian is a Security and Identity Management Strategist and brings over 22 years of industry experience to the Securosis team, much of it at the executive level. Adrian specializes in database security, data security, identity management, and software development. He is co-author of the new Securosis blog series on identity management for cloud services and often speaks and writes about identity management, identity aware security, and other security issues for a variety of conferences and outlets, including BlackHat, and is a columnist for the security blog on UBM’s Dark Reading site. He was presented with the Identity Forecast award for his blogging in a recent conference on cloud identity management.

With stints at Ingres, Oracle, and Unisys, he has extensive experience in the vendor community, but also brings a pragmatic perspective to selecting and deploying technologies having worked on “the other side” as CIO in the finance vertical. Prior to joining Securosis, Adrian served as the CTO/VP at companies such as IPLocks, Touchpoint, CPMi and Transactor/Brodia. He has been invited to present at dozens of security and identity management conferences and has contributed articles to many major publications.

Adrian is a Computer Science graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with post-graduate work in operating systems at Stanford University.
Darren Platt
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Darren Platt
Darren Platt is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Symplified. Before Symplified, he was one of Ping Identity’s first three employees, leading Ping’s technology strategy and its transition into enterprise software. At Ping, Darren was given product, development and team management responsibility for Ping’s conformance services and led the entire lifecycle of Ping’s SOA security product, PingTrust.

Prior to joining Ping in 2002, Darren was Securant’s first vice president of engineering in 1996. There he managed the first three releases of ClearTrust through 2000, and grew the engineering team to 40 people under tight bootstrap budgets in the hyper-competitive dot-com hiring boom. Darren co-authored AuthXML and represented Securant on the standards bodies. With the sale of Securant, Darren managed the transition of ClearTrust into RSA’s product portfolio and continued to represent RSA on the standards bodies.

Of all the IT security areas, Identity and Access Management (IAM) can be the most complex. It is also an area that is in the midst of a Galilean-scale paradigm shift from centralized identity management of internal users and systems to unified management of internal and external users, across both traditional IT and third-party cloud services.

Register for this three-part webinar series and learn how to:

  • Define cloud identity solutions and key issues with identity services.
  • Gather a simple but effective reference for IAM architecture and design.
  • Reference your organization’s requirements against most common IAM use cases and itemize your needs within a buyer’s guide.

On September 17th, Join Adrian Lane, Analyst and CTO, Securosis and Darren Platt CTO of Symplified Software for the first part of this series, Explanations: Solutions Space, Architecture and Design, to get conceptual awareness of IAM terms and concepts, bring them into sharp focus.

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