The Wild Web: Inside the Latest Web Threats

The Wild Web: Inside the Latest Web Threats


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Duration 60min
Chris McCormack
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Sophos Network Security
Chris McCormack
Chris McCormack is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sophos where he is focused on Gateway and Network Security. Chris provides advice and insight into the latest threats for security and IT professionals with the goal of providing clear guidance on creating effective protection strategies.
James Hilliard
James Hilliard
James Hilliard started his media career in San Francisco working for the top news/talk radio stations. He entered the world of high-tech in 1999 as a reporter/host for ZDTV Radio. In 2000 he joined CNET Radio 910am in San Francisco as Assignment Editor and watched over the tech bubble and its implosion. In 2005, he founded Hilly Productions to focus on Podcasting, Webcasting, Corporate Video and Voice Over, so that he could continue to tell compelling stories about technology. James has moderated over 1000 webcasts covering topics such as Mobility, Collaboration, Security, Cloud Computing, and Power & Cooling. He brings lively and engaging content to high-tech, medical and business professionals at SMB's and enterprises, worldwide.

The web is the number one source of malware distribution today and many organizations don’t have adequate protection against the latest and most advanced web threats.  The bad guys are using new techniques and technologies to infect your users and make off with your money or your data.

Join Chris McCormack, web security expert at Sophos to understand each step in a modern web attack and what you can do to employ a layered protection strategy to stop these threats and secure your organization. Chris will discuss:

  • Web malware by the numbers
  • The anatomy of a modern web attack from entry to execution
  • A checklist of protection strategies

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