Adapting Incident Response to Meet the Threat [and Minimize the Impact of a Breach]

Adapting Incident Response to Meet the Threat [and Minimize the Impact of a Breach]


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Duration 60min
Jeff Schilling
Director, Incident Response and Digital Forensics
Dell SecureWorks
Jeff Schilling

Jeff Schilling joined Dell SecureWorks to lead the Incident Response and Digital Forensics practice after retiring from a 24-year career as an Army Colonel. The practice provides the full spectrum of Incident Response services including pre-incident planning and gap analysis, emergency incident response, threat eradication and post-incident support. The practice performs hundreds of engagements annually.

Prior to joining Dell SecureWorks, Jeff served as the Director of both the Department of Defense and Army’s Global Network Operations and Security Centers in his last two assignments under Joint Task Force Global Network Operations (precursor organization to US Cyber Command) and Army Cyber Command. In these roles, Jeff was responsible for developing a strategy, synchronizing and executing the global network defense for the Department of Defense and the Army which supported well over a million users connected to 16,000 networks in over 3,500 locations.

As the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks continue to evolve, so too must your capabilities to respond. The reality of security today is that a breach is inevitable. But is your organization prepared for a major compromise today and how will it adapt to a changing threat in the future? Do you really know your environment?  Do you really understand the threat?  Do you know where to focus your limited incident Response Capabilities?  Do you know how to measure the success of your Incident Response and Security plan?

In this webcast, Jeff Schilling – Director of Incident Response and Digital Forensics at Dell SecureWorks, provides a vision for how security must evolve to combat the changing nature of the threat. Jeff will discuss the best methods for layering incident response into the security stack and developing a proven capability to handle a major data breach.  Sharing examples of actual incidents, Jeff will provide practical recommendations you can implement quickly to minimize the “detection to response” window and better protect your networks, servers, hosts and end users.

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