The Failure of Traditional Endpoint Protection: How to Defend Your Devices from Advanced Threats

The Failure of Traditional Endpoint Protection: How to Defend Your Devices from Advanced Threats


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Mike Rothman
Analyst & President
Mike Rothman
Mike’s bold perspectives and irreverent style are invaluable as companies determine effective strategies to grapple with the dynamic security threatscape. Mike specializes in the sexy aspects of security, like protecting networks and endpoints, security management, and compliance. Mike is one of the most sought after speakers and commentators in the security business and brings a deep background in information security. After 20 years in and around security, he’s one of the guys who “knows where the bodies are buried” in the space.

Starting his career as a programmer and a networking consultant, Mike joined META Group in 1993 and spearheaded META’s initial foray into information security research. Mike left META in 1998 to found SHYM Technology, a pioneer in the PKI software market, and then held VP Marketing roles at CipherTrust and TruSecure – providing experience in marketing, business development, and channel operations for both product and services companies.

After getting fed up with vendor life, he started Security Incite in 2006 to provide the voice of reason in an over-hyped yet underwhelming security industry. After taking a short detour as Senior VP, Strategy and CMO at eIQnetworks to chase shiny objects in security and compliance management, Mike joins Securosis with a rejuvenated cynicism about the state of security and what it takes to survive as a security professional.

Mike published “The Pragmatic CSO” in 2007 to introduce technically oriented security professionals to the nuances of what is required to be a senior security professional. He also possesses a very expensive engineering degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University. His folks are overjoyed that he uses literally zero percent of his education on a daily basis.

Traditional endpoint and server protection solutions have become the punching bag of security.

There is a good reason for that, since solutions including signature-based antivirus have not kept pace in combating advanced threats or zero-day attacks leaving devices defenseless.

A new approach is needed that understands the lifecycle of the attacks, providing capabilities to assess devices, prevent attacks, detect compromise, investigate the incident and finally remediate the environment.

Join Mike Rothman, president and analyst at Securosis, as he describes:

  • The security challenges faced by organizations
  • Emerging endpoint and server protection approaches and technologies
  • How to give your enterprise a chance to protect intellectual property and customer data, and keep business operations running

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