Identify Targeted Attacks In Banking With Threat Intelligence

Identify Targeted Attacks In Banking With Threat Intelligence


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Duration 60min
Tim Wilson
Editor in Chief
Dark Reading
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson has been a journalist, author, and analyst in data networking and security for more than 24 years. As site editor and co-founder of Dark Reading, one of the Web's best-known destinations for security news and information, he is responsible for covering up-to-the-minute developments in IT security, including the latest attacks and vulnerability discoveries as well as emerging technologies for preventing them.

Tim's checkered past includes two stints as an industry analyst as well as a variety of editorial positions with leading industry publications, including Network Computing, InternetWeek, and CommunicationsWeek. He also served as executive editor of DataTrends Publications, launching five industry newsletters and authoring a number of special reports.
Tom Parker
Tom Parker
Tom is recognized throughout the security industry for his research in multiple areas including adversary profiling and software vulnerability research & analysis. Tom has published over four books on the topic of information security including Cyber Adversary Characterization-Auditing the Hacker Mind and a contributor to the popular Stealing the Network Series. Tom is a frequent speaker at conferences including a past speaker at Blackhat. Tom often lends his time to guest lecturing at Universities, involvement in community research initiatives, and is often called to provide his expert opinion to mass media organizations, including BBC News, CNN, and online/print outlets such as The Register, Reuters News, Wired and Business Week.
Colin McKinty
Regional Vice President, Cyber Security
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Colin McKinty
Colin McKinty leads the Cyber business in the Americas for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. Colin joined Applied Intelligence in 2001 having completed his PhD at the University of Surrey (UK). In his early career Colin led various information exploitation projects in the UK and US. He went on to run Applied Intelligence’s federal business in the US before taking on his current position in 2012. He has been in the US for six years and is based in the Washington DC area.

Banks and financial institutions have begun to recognize more sophisticated exploits that not only target specific companies, but take advantage of specific vulnerabilities and target specific individuals within the organization.

This webcast offers a closerlook at these attackers, their methods, and some ways to defend against them.

Join “ Analyzing Security Data and Threat Intelligence to Identify Targeted Attacks In Banking,” webinar that will reveal how banks and financial institutions can:

  • differentiate targeted attacks from random hacks
  • leverage tools and best practices that protect against sophisticated attacks
  • use threat intelligence data with internal security information to ferret out targeted attacks
  • respond to targeted attack - and how they can buildstronger defenses against them

This webcast will help you understand the methods and tools used by cyber attackers, and how you can tie your existing security tools to emerging threat intelligence capabilities to improve your cyber defense strategy

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