Lessons Learned from the Top Security Breaches of 2013

Lessons Learned from the Top Security Breaches of 2013


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Kristin Lovejoy
General Manager, IBM Security Services Division
Kristin Lovejoy
Kristin Lovejoy is the General Manager of the IBM Security Services Division, charged with development and delivery of managed and professional security services to IBM clients world-wide. Prior to her role in Services, Kris was IBM’s VP of Information Technology Risk and Global CISO, responsible for managing, monitoring and testing IBM’s corporate security and resiliency functions globally, where she also acted as Chairman of IBM’s IT Risk Steering Committee, co-Chair of IBM's Data Security Steering committee, co-Chair of the IBM’s Social Networking committee, and member of IBM’s Enterprise Risk Steering Committee. Today Kris is a member of a number of external boards and advisory panels, including SC Magazine's Editorial Board, Forrester’s Security and Risk Council, and Grotech Ventures. Before joining IBM, she was the CTO, CIO and VP of Support and Services at Consul which was acquired by IBM in 2007 as well as VP of Security Assurance Services for TruSecure Corporation.

Kris is a recognized expert in the field on security, risk, compliance and governance, with appearances on CNBC, NPR and WTOP.  Within the past five years she has been recognized as 2012 Compass Award Winner by CSO Magazine, one of E-Week’s 2012 “Top Women in Information Security That Everyone Should Know”, Top 25 CTO by InfoWorld, as Top 25 Most Influential Security Executives by Security Magazine. Ms. Lovejoy holds U.S. and EU patents for Object Oriented Risk Management Models and Methods.

Today Ms. Lovejoy resides in McLean, Virginia, with her husband and four children.

Security breaches in industries like Retail and Financial Services hit home because, on a consumer level, the impact is personal as is the financial loss. But they also highlight the need for strong security policies and procedures regardless of industry. Anywhere valuable information is stored, there is the constant threat of attack. So what can be learned from the top security breaches of 2013? And how can you take action to better protect your business today?

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand the threat landscape – have you tested your network for existing vulnerabilities or potential issues? How do you compare with peers and other organizations in your industry?
  • Prepare for the possibility of an attack – do you have an incident response plan in place? How mature are your processes and procedures?
  • Know when to seek help – are you aware of the growing skill gap in the cybersecurity space? Do you understand the impact Security Services can have on extending your capabilities?

Don’t end up in the headlines. Don’t be the next target. Watch this webinar to learn more, and take action to protect your organization today.

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