How To Secure Access in the Era of Mobile, Cloud and Social

How To Secure Access in the Era of Mobile, Cloud and Social


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Duration 60min
Jason Keenaghan
Senior Product Manager
IBM Security Access Manager Family of Products
Jason Keenaghan
Jason Keenaghan is a Senior Product Manager for the IBM Security Acccess Manager product family. He has 17 years of experience in the development and support of middleware software solutions at IBM, focusing on application optimization, edge of the network security for web & mobile, B2B integration, and System z integration. Jason earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, with a minor in Computer Science, from Boston College. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Marist College.

Enterprises are going through business transformations, while embracing the new technology trends that include mobile, cloud and social.

In this complex IT environment, providing secure access to sensitive data, applications and infrastructure has become more challenging than ever.

Therefore, you need a powerful access management solution that’s built for today’s multi-perimeter world.

Join this webinar to:

  • Discuss how you can prevent insider threat and identity fraud in your complex IT environment.
  • Find out ways to safeguard your mobile, cloud and social interactions especially while accessing corporate resources from outside of your office network.
  • Explore ways to reduce cost and time to value by adopting appliance based access management solution which is easy-to-deploy-and-manage.
  • Get familiar with a new revolutionary access management solution in the market called IBM Security Access Manager, an "All-in-one" appliance
  • Realize what is in store for securing access for mobile application development and adhering to compliance mandates.

Understand the ways you can solve your complex access management problems while adapting new technologies around mobile, cloud and social.

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