New Incident Response Model Enables Rapid Response to Advanced Attacks

New Incident Response Model Enables Rapid Response to Advanced Attacks


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Duration 60min
Jeffrey (J.J.) Guy
Director of Operations
Bit9 + Carbon Black
Jeffrey (J.J.) Guy
Jeffrey (J.J.) Guy is director of operations for Bit9 + Carbon Black. He joined the company when Bit9 merged with Carbon Black in February 2013. At Carbon Black he was customer advocate and support lead. He spent 12 years in federal cyber operations, including an active duty tour with the Air Force’s Information Warfare Center and as director/general manager of one of the top providers of federal computer network operations (CNO) R&D services, with about 100 kernel programmers, reverse engineers and vulnerability researchers supporting a dozen different federal programs.

Guy’s time in the Air Force gave him an intimate understanding of the shortfalls of enterprise network defense technology. Frustrated by the “state of the art” and narrow thinking of industry, he has been a strong advocate for shifting security investment from protection to detection and response since 2002. As a full-stack engineer, proven leader and public speaker, he can move from the lab to the podium to the boardroom and back.

Guy holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Case Western Reserve University and a master’s degree in computer science from Johns Hopkins.

Many enterprises are now realizing that it is no longer a matter of if they will get breached, but rather a matter of when.

Because of this, organizations need security solutions that enable them to rapidly respond to attacks as they happen, as opposed to relying on outdated and expensive incident response services that typically come in post-breach—after data is already out the door.

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    • Gain best practices on building a pre-breach incident response infrastructure based on real-time detection and an up-to-the-second recorded history

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