X-Force Threat Intelligence: Protecting Sensitive Data

X-Force Threat Intelligence: Protecting Sensitive Data


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Duration 60min
Robert Freeman
Manager of X-Force Research
Robert Freeman
Robert Freeman manages the X-Force Advanced Research team at IBM, which is a premiere applied security research organization with a strong emphasis on reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, malware research, bug hunting, advanced protection technology research and new protection engine development. An increasingly global operation, X-Force Advanced Research stretches five countries in different areas of the world. Our team has presented at various top conferences such as Blackhat USA and Virus Bulletin, and continues to develop new material for external consumption at various technical and abstracted levels.

Robert has previously held various technical roles during his ten year career with the X-Force organization and worked for various start-up companies during his overall career in computer security. His experience spans close to fifteen years in the same areas as X-Force Research as well as other areas such as digital rights management and copy protection development.
Jeff Scheepers
Information Integration and Governance
IBM Software Group
Jeff Scheepers
In his current role at IBM, Jeff Scheepers is responsible for driving the product marketing activities for InfoSphere Guardium and Optim product lines, with a focus on data security and privacy. Prior to joining IBM, Jeff held a variety of positions in software product marketing and management, supporting data management, information governance and big data solutions. Jeff lives and works out of Toronto, Canada and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.

To effectively combat the rapid increase in attacks, organizations need attack insights from today’s security threat landscape.

Join world renowned experts from the IBM X-Force research team to hear about the latest findings in the latest X-Force Threat Intelligence Report - and discuss how the latest vulnerabilities and security breaches are impacting organizations.

Join this important webinar to:

  • Uncover which attack trends you need to be prepared to address, and explore options to protect against these threats.
  • Gain best practices for implementing an end-to-end data protection strategy including data encryption, monitoring, masking and vulnerability assessment for all data sources and repositories.
  • Learn why the number of overall incidents has increased and the number of leaked records has been steadily rising
  • Discover how more than half a billion records of personally identifiable information - including credit card numbers and passwords - were leaked in 2013
  • Discuss how the actual risks around cloud and mobile are greater than what they are perceived to be

A holistic approach to data security approach is essential for the protection of the entire ecosystem.

Register for this webinar now and find out why data attacks continue to be pervasive and how you can combat them.

BONUS: All Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of: IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly Report. The report covers latest security trends—from malware delivery to mobile device risks—based on 2013 year-end data and ongoing research.

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