Insider Threats: How to Find Them Early & Fix Them Fast

Insider Threats: How to Find Them Early & Fix Them Fast


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Duration 60min
Mike Tierney
Mike Tierney
Mike Tierney, Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for the overall product strategy at SpectorSoft. Prior to joining SpectorSoft, Mike oversaw a large product portfolio that included solutions for desktop security, least privilege management, file access control and reporting, and compliance. Mike also has responsibility for Operations, and in this capacity deal with the same issues facing most companies: improving productivity and security while maintaining user privacy.
Jim Meyer
Managing Director
Coordinated Response
Jim Meyer
Jim Meyer is the Managing Director at Coordinated Response, a firm specializing in developing and automating incident response plans. Jim served on the executive team for Integic Corporation. Subsequently, when Integic was acquired, he served on the management team for Northrop Grumman. Working with Integic and Northrop Grumman, Jim gained experience in cybersecurity and case management solutions, both incorporating business process management and automation. Projects included work in the public and private sectors. Jim is also involved in research and writing on topics in cybersecurity. Prior to joining Integic, Jim served on the executive team for 3 successful software product companies.

Your organization has a 50% likelihood of experiencing an insider incident despite deep investments in IT security. Insider threats include fraud, theft of intellectual property, data breaches and leaks, or malicious damage to IT resources. Most organizations that experienced an insider incident indicate it was more damaging than incidents involving hackers. You need the right plan and the right tools to detect, respond and recover from an insider incident.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Effective approaches to detect and address insider threats.
  • Research and resources from industry experts to help you prepare and react.
  • Best practices from years of hands-on experience and client engagements.

Verizon data breach investigations report indicates that any breach, insider or otherwise, if found early is 80% less likely to result in damage. Register for this webinar and learn how to find insider threats early and fix them fast.

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