How to Protect Your Company from Ever-Changing Mobile Threats

How to Protect Your Company from Ever-Changing Mobile Threats


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Duration 60min
Tyler Shields
Senior Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals
Forrester Research
Tyler Shields
Tyler Shields is a leading expert on mobile and application security topics, having researched a diverse set of topics including creating a BYOD policy, the mobile security stack, the impact of mobile malware on privacy, reverse engineering binary applications, rootkits and anti-debugging technologies, and, most recently, a programmatic approach to securing your mobile application ecosystem. Tyler focuses his research time and energy around both corporate business strategy and the technologies used in securing the rapidly converging mobile and application threat landscape. He is based in Raleigh, N.C.
Michael Shaulov
Michael Shaulov
Michael Shaulov is CEO and co-founder of Lacoon Mobile Security. He’s responsible for the direction of the company, with a maniacal focus on adding the security organizations need to effectively leverage mobility. He is a recognized industry speaker, delivering talks at BlackHat EU, BlackHat USA and Infosec. Prior to founding Lacoon, Michael co-founded BlueRidge Storage Systems and founded and led the Mobile Intrusive Interception team for the security division of NICE Systems LTD. Before his commercial endeavors, he pioneered the mobile security field in an elite military technological unit, where he received the Israeli Presidential Excellency Honor for his contributions. He holds a BSc in Computer Sciences and Physics from Ben-Gurion University, Israel.
Eran Birk
IT Mobile Security Architect
Eran Birk
Mr. Eran Birk is a senior Mobile security architect at the IT of Intel. Eran holds a Bachelor of Art from the University of Haifa in Computer Science and Statistics. He has worked at Intel for 14 years in different positions – i.e. Engineering, Management and Technical Architecture. In the last several years Eran was leading the Security Strategy around Mobile Devices at IT of Intel, and developing the architecture building blocks, to secure the Consumerization of IT initiatives. Mr. Birk is also a regular speaker and commentator at business seminars and conferences.

With the mobile threat landscape evolving with new malware, phishing and advanced threats, enterprises need be more proactive at protecting both their enterprise and their end users. How should you augment your current Mobile Device Management (MDM) environment to provide the mobile security and risk management you need?

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Detect and prevent advanced and malicious mobile threats from exploiting corporate data and applications
  • Implement advanced mobile security that preserves end user experience and privacy
  • Gain visibility into malicious mobile threats for use in broader security and risk management strategy
  • Turn your MDM into dynamic risk based management

Register for this webinar to hear from our panel of security experts from Forrester Research, Intel, and Lacoon Mobile Security to gain practical insight on the steps and tools you need to protect your enterprise from the evolving mobile threat landscape.

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