How to Avoid Cyber Attack Tools of the Trade

How to Avoid Cyber Attack Tools of the Trade


Available On Demand
Duration 60min
Stephen Coty
Chief Security Evangelist
Alert Logic
Stephen Coty
Stephen Coty is the Chief Security Evangelist at Alert Logic in Houston TX and a member of ISSA, Infragard and the HTCIA. He formally ran the Threat Research team building threat content and delivering threat intelligence. Before coming to Alert Logic he was the Manager of Cyber Security for Rackspace Hosting. Prior to Rackspace He has worked at several companies including Wells Fargo Bank, Applied Materials, Stanford Medical Center and The Netigy Corporation. He has been in the Information Technology field since 1993 with a Focus on Security as of 1999 where he started as a penetration tester and auditor. Research has been his primary focus since 2007.

There have been multiple high profile worldwide data breaches so far in 2014. Do you wonder what's happening on the US Threat Landscape? Join Alert Logic to hear more about malicious cybercrime, the evolution of hackers, how the underground economy works and how it affects the corporate IT landscape on premises and in the cloud.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Avoid data breaches, interruptions to availability, and brand damage
  • Understand how the threat profiles in different environments vary and create different security challenges and requirements
  • Work with your cloud or hosting provider with knowledge of how security responsibilities are shared across different parts of the infrastructure stack

Register for this webinar to hear about real threats from a researcher who monitors malicious activity across a wide range of customer environments, from traditional data centers to the cloud, and ask him questions about the ever-evolving threat landscape. This information will help you consider your own security program and investments to maximize their effectiveness. 

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