Multi-Variant Phishing and the New Reality of Mail-Based Threats

Multi-Variant Phishing and the New Reality of Mail-Based Threats


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Duration 60min
Patrick Wheeler
Director, Product Marketing
Patrick Wheeler
Patrick Wheeler recently joined Proofpoint as Director of Product Marketing, with a focus on solutions for defending against advanced malware. Over almost fifteen years in information security at industry leaders, Patrick Wheeler has held roles in Product Management and Product Marketing for a wide range of enterprise solutions, including network and endpoint security, vulnerability management, data loss prevention and mobile.

Many organizations have recognized the threat posed by phishing and have deployed a combination of technology and training to combat what remains the number one threat vector for most organizations. The recent increase in instances of "multi-variant" phishing are now challenging many of these defenses by leveraging a complex, service-based delivery infrastructure to deliver a variety of payloads to victim computers.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand the phishing tools & techniques used by hackers
  • Protect your users, data and organization
  • Get examples of multi-variant phishing campaigns

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