Managing Threats from Every Angle

Managing Threats from Every Angle

Predicting 2017’s Threat Vectors & the Counterattacks You Need to Respond

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Duration 1h 0min
Dr. Chase Cunningham
Director of Cybersecurity Operations
A10 Networks
Dr. Chase Cunningham
Dr. Chase Cunningham (CPO USN Ret.) is an industry authority on advanced threat intelligence and cyberattack tactics. He is regularly cited as a go-to cyber security expert and contributes to industry white papers, publications and speaking panels.
Peter Krass
Contributing Editor
Peter Krass
Peter Krass is a writer, editor, and editorial consultant with more than 20 years of experience as a professional journalist. His fields of expertise include information technology and small business, and he has worked in a wide variety of media, including magazines, newsletters (both print and e-mail), newspapers, books, film, and Web sites. Peter has worked extensively in Web-site publishing.

Peter has held a number of senior editorial positions, including: Senior Editor at Inc., the monthly magazine for small-business owners; Chief Editor of; Senior Managing Editor of Features at InformationWeek, a weekly magazine for business and technology managers; and Managing Editor of the BusinessWeek Newsletter for Information Executives. Peter's awards include a Computer Press Award for best news story of the year. He is also the author of Sojourner Truth, a children's book on the life of the American abolitionist.

You’ve lost the tactical advantage. Your environment is not safe. No vector is secure. No infrastructure is protected. Understanding the situation is critical in changing cybersecurity behavior and fighting threat actors who have developed new strategies.

In an exclusive live event, A10 Networks will explore the introduction of new threat actors, attack strategies and detail how organizations must respond.

This webinar will:

  • Demonstrate the impact of IoT-based attacks on security operations
  • Highlight repeated insider threat concerns
  • Prepare you for the next mega breach
  • Examine emerging hardware threats
  • Discuss the impact of predictive analytics and machine-learning
  • Outline the most vulnerable attack vectors, including ICS, physical access, PoS and IoT devices
  • Explore how compliance standards like GDPR and PCI will impact your bottom line
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