Breaking The Vulnerability Cycle — Key Findings from 100 CISOs

Breaking The Vulnerability Cycle — Key Findings from 100 CISOs


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Brad Arkin
Vice President and Chief Security Officer
Brad Arkin
Brad Arkin is vice president and chief security officer for Adobe. As CSO, Arkin has ultimate responsibility for all security-related decisions and investments across the company. Arkin leads the teams responsible for the security of Adobe's infrastructure, products and services, as well as teams dedicated to security incident response and communication.
Kim Green
Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer
Zephyr Health
Kim Green
Key cultural influencer and leader in regards to information protection and business engagement for Zephyr Health’s global Information Security & Privacy (ISP) compliance program.
Jason Haddix
Head of Trust and Security
Jason Haddix
Jason is responsible for providing leadership, strategic guidance, and operational guidelines to Bugcrowd and its clients. He is focused primarily on internal and external security policies, customer enablement, researcher engagement, and edge-case program management.
Peter Krass
Contributing Editor
Peter Krass
Peter Krass is a writer, editor, and editorial consultant with more than 20 years of experience as a professional journalist. His fields of expertise include information technology and small business, and he has worked in a wide variety of media, including magazines, newsletters (both print and e-mail), newspapers, books, film, and Web sites. Peter has worked extensively in Web-site publishing.

We surveyed 100 CISOs and security decision makers and found that today’s application security teams are facing 3 distinct issues that lead to vulnerability:

  1. Active and efficient adversaries
  2. A ballooning attack surface
  3. Cybersecurity resource shortage

When combined, these adverse conditions form a ‘vulnerability cycle’ – leaving organizations susceptible to a breach or worse.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Get plans to combat these 3 issues in 2017
  • Learn how to dissect each component of the vulnerability cycle
  • Discover security tools and best practices
  • Find out top CISO investments for 2017
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