Reduce Security Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Applications

Would you leave sensitive data out in the open making yourself a target to thieves looking for a victim? That is exactly what your business is doing if it fails to identify vulnerabilities in their business applications.

Cyber attackers are looking at your business applications for security vulnerabilities so they can get access and wreak havoc. It’s time to find and fix security vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

Wondering where to start and what to do? This webinar will help you build a comprehensive plan to minimize threats and protect your company.

On Demand
1h 00min

Join this webinar to hear application security experts:

  • Discuss methods for scanning & evaluating potential security vulnerabilities in out-of-the box and home grown business applications
  • Teach methods for quickly detecting and eradicating software flaws
  • Make recommendations for how to choose and implement vulnerability scanning tools
  • Explain how to reduce security vulnerabilities during internal application development
  • Examine the widespread use of open-source code and how it may expose your business to security threats

Featured Speakers

  • Brad  Causey
    Brad Causey
    Senior Security Analyst

    Brad Causey is an active member of the security and forensics community worldwide. Brad tends to focus his time on web application security and penetration testing as it applies to global and enterprise arenas. He is the lead application security analyst with IBERIABANK and the president of the International Information Systems Forensics Association chapter in Alabama. Brad is also heavily involved in several projects with OWASP. He also holds many industry recognized certificates such as CISSP, MCSE, C|EH and CIFI.

  • Mike  Pittenger
    Mike Pittenger
    VP of Security Strategy
    Black Duck

    Mike Pittenger has 30 years of experience in technology and business, more than 25 years of management experience, and 15 years in security. He previously served as Vice President and General Manager of the product division of @stake. After @stake’s acquisition by Symantec, Pittenger led the spin-out of his team to form Veracode. He later served as Vice President of the product and training division of Cigital. For the past several years, he has consulted independently, helping security companies identify, define and prioritize the benefit to customers of their technologies, structure solutions appropriately and bring those offerings to market.

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