Full Security Visibility: An Introduction to SysSecOps

The range and scale of IT and security challenges are mounting daily. The rapid increase in the number of endpoints, worker mobility, and cloud applications make managing reliability, risk and security more difficult than ever. The key to success for both IT and security operations is visibility and automation across IT resources, to aggregate knowledge about endpoints and suspicious activity.

Systems and security operations – SysSecOps - is a growing approach that integrates endpoint monitoring and discovery techniques to give IT and security managers a more holistic view of their resources and how they are used. This webinar will present the findings of a new research report and survey from Futuriom, a next-generation technology research firm, which spent months delving into the emerging trend of SysSecOps and defining the requirements.

On Demand
1h 00min

What You'll Learn in this Webinar

  1. How Futuriom defines the SysSecOps movement?
  2. Recent survey and interview findings on the most important trends.
  3. Insights from security executives on their challenges and successes to date.
  4. Things to look for / consider when thinking about SysSecOps.

Featured Speaker

  • Scott  Raynovich
    Scott Raynovich
    Founder and Chief Analyst

    R. Scott Raynovich is the Founder and Chief Analyst of Futuriom. For two decades he has been covering a wide range of technology as an editor, analyst, and publisher. Most recently, he was VP of Research at SDxCentral.com, which acquired his previous technology website, Rayno Report, in 2015. Prior to that, he was the editor in chief of Light Reading, where he worked for nine years. He was the founder of the Heavy Reading Insider research service. Raynovich has also served as Investment Editor at Red Herring, where he started the New York Bureau and helped build the original Redherring.com website. He has won several industry awards, including an Editor & Publisher award for Best Business Blog, and his analysis has been featured by prominent media outlets including NPR, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and the San Jose Mercury News.

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