IP Intelligence: The Utility Player for Your Online Business

In today’s connected world, it’s no longer enough to simply provide a fast, easy-to-use website. Customers expect an experience that is smooth, safe and personalized. The most successful brands – regardless of industry or target market – can identify who customers are and ensure they’re protected when they visit.

But customer demands aren’t the only thing constantly evolving. The threat landscape, along with the rules and regulations aimed at keeping the internet safe, are changing just as quickly in a boundary-less online world.  Fraud is rampant, while cyber attacks are more targeted and imposing. How does a CISO or CIO adapt?

That’s where IP Intelligence (IPI) comes in. IPI provides granular IP decisioning and Internet connectivity data, answering who, what, where, when and why consumers are connecting to their sites. IPI helps organizations sort out the good actors from the bad, improving the customer experience while keeping vital security systems safe and efficient.  

Join us as we explore the many benefits of IP Intelligence, and how you can use IPI to improve your customer experience, reduce fraud, improve security, protect digital content, and more. It’s the utility player for your online business.

On Demand
1h 00min

When you attend this webinar, you will learn:

  • What IP Intelligence is
  • The 5 W’s of IP Intelligence: Who – What – Where – When – Why
  • How IP Intelligence is being used to help organizations today – see 5 case studies on:
    • Cyber Security
    • Fraud Prevention
    • Customer Experience
    • Compliance Risk
    • Digital Rights Management

Featured Speakers

  • John  McArthur
    John McArthur
    Senior Product Manager

    John McArthur joined Neustar in November 2014 and has over 15 years of experience serving businesses and end users in the digital space. He is responsible for the product strategy and roadmap delivery of Neustar’s IP Intelligence product line. John joined Neustar from JP Morgan Chase where he drove digital banking solutions for the consumer bank. Previously he served in project management, operations, and business process management roles at Chase and Accenture. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a B.A. in Economics.

  • Rupert  Young
    Rupert Young
    Senior Director of Software Engineering

    Rupert Young joined Neustar in November 2010 and has over 15 years of experience in the Internet industry. He is responsible for the engineering strategy and development of Neustar’s IP Intelligence, Customer Interaction Management, and Compliance solutions. He joined Neustar from a start-up working on online advertising where he headed product management. Previously he worked at AT&T and SBC in corporate strategy, product management, business development, architecture planning and R&D. He graduated from MIT with a SMSB in Computer Science.

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