Open Source Security for Containers in a DevOps World

Managing container infrastructure in a production environment is challenged by problems of scale. One of the biggest problems is trust—specifically trust of the application. To put it another way, can you trust that all containers in your Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster are performing the tasks you expect of them? If a container becomes compromised in some fashion, how many other containers are at risk and how far has trust been broken?

To answer those questions, you first need to implement security controls to define your trust model, and then, carefully study the attacker profile.

On Demand
1h 00min

In this webinar, Tim Mackey explores this new era of data center threats and how to combat them.

Attend and you'll learn:

  • How to define a trust model for container applications
  • How malicious attackers design their attacks on containers
  • When the threat risk increases prior to attack and why information flow matters
  • How traditional defenses are inadequate for container workloads
  • Measures you can take to proactively identify risks, including OpenShift integrated tooling to identify container images with increased risk

Featured Speaker

  • Tim  Mackey
    Tim Mackey
    Sr. Technology Evangelist
    Black Duck

    Tim Mackey is technical evangelist for Black Duck Software, which helps organizations to locate, manage and secure their open source software. Tim’s role is one of engaging with technical communities to best understand how Black Duck can solve their application security problems today, and learn what bleeding edge security concerns are top of mind in order to feed them back into the development team. He is well versed in open source application security, data center security, containers, virtualization and cloud technologies. Tim has spoken at many events including OSCON, CloudOpen, Interop, CA World, Cloud Connect and the CloudStack Collaboration Conference. Tim is a published O'Reilly Media author.

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