Cloud Security Roadmap: Mitigating Risks and Building for Long-Term Success

Cloud Security Roadmap: Mitigating Risks and Building for Long-Term Success


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Andras Cser
VP Principal Analyst
Forrester Research
Andras Cser
Andras serves Security & Risk Professionals. He is a leading expert on identity management, access management, user account provisioning, entitlement management, federation, privileged identity management, and role design and management. Andras covers cloud security and enterprise fraud management, which have many synergies with identity and access management when an organization needs to protect against risk and wants to manage fraud appropriately. He helps clients develop enterprise strategies for creating business value through identity management, cloud security, and fraud management. His research focuses on strategy, cost-benefit analysis, architecture, performance and scalability of identity and access management and provisioning solutions, enterprise fraud management solutions, and role-based access control (RBAC), as well as maintenance and distributed intranet and Internet identity systems. He maintains an interest in evaluating the skill sets and core competencies of professional service providers in these spaces.
Jeff Schilling
Chief Security Officer
Jeff Schilling
Jeff Schilling, a retired U.S. Army colonel, is Armor’s Chief of Operations and Security and is responsible for the cyber and physical security programs for the corporate environment and customer-focused capabilities. His areas of focus include cloud operations, client services, quality analysis, software development and engineering.

Previous to joining Armor, Schilling was the Director of the Global Incident Response practice for Dell SecureWorks where his team supported over 300 customers with incident-response planning, capabilities development, digital forensics investigations and active incident management.

In his last military assignment, Schilling was the Director of the U.S. Army’s global Security Operations Center under the U.S. Army Cyber Command.

Let your inner control freak go. The “we control everything” security strategy does not apply to the cloud, especially not multicloud. According to Forrester Research*, in 2015, 29 percent of global enterprise infrastructure decision-makers said they had already adopted or were in the process of adopting or expanding public cloud services, yet 32 percent of them say they have security concerns regarding application/data protection. How do you prevent the loss of sensitive data while enjoying the cost reduction and flexibility a multicloud strategy can bring?

This webinar, featuring guest speaker Andras Cser, VP Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, and Jeff Schilling, Chief of Customer Operations and Security from Armor, will discuss the following takeaways:

  • How to build your comprehensive cloud security strategy
  • How to ensure a consistent security posture across multiple clouds
  • How to evaluate your cloud security investment in 2017
*Create Your Cloud Security Technology Strategy And Road Map", Forrester Research, Inc., September 14, 2016
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