Out of the Black Box: Making Security a Business Enabler

To maximize the return on cloud security investments, CISOs need a seat at the table. Unfortunately, getting them there isn’t always simple, especially when security is often handled in a clandestine way that doesn’t always clearly demonstrate its value.  

However, security doesn’t have to be dark and mysterious to work effectively. It needs to be flexible, reliable and, most importantly, transparent. This how you state the case for not just the relevancy of security to the organization, but how it can be a business enabler.

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1h 00min

Join us as we explore key steps security professionals can employ to get their security program “out of the black box” and into their organization’s cloud strategy.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How organizations are limiting their security ROI
  • How to state the case for cloud security  
  • Why transparency matters
  • How to make security a business enabler by embracing shadow IT

Featured Speaker

  • Wayne  Reynolds
    Wayne Reynolds
    VP of Security Operations

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