2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights for Leaders

2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights for Leaders

Partnering to Fight Cybercrime

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Duration 1h 00min
David Puzas
Senior Director of Marketing
David Puzas
David Puzas serves as the Sr. Director, Portfolio Marketing & Strategy for SecureWorks a Dell Technologies Company. With over 23 years of strategic marketing and line of business management in the security, cloud, IT and consulting/managed services provider space, Puzas is responsible for strategically bringing to market SecureWorks Security Solutions’ global presence and offerings in the consulting, SaaS, and managed services space as well as driving customer retention and innovative marketing strategies.
Chris Yule
Senior Security Researcher
SecureWorks’ Counter Threat Unit
Chris Yule
With over ten years’ experience in information security, Chris is responsible for tracking the activity of various threat groups, analysing the latest threats and ensuring that our customers are protected from them.
Peter Krass
Contributing Editor
Peter Krass
Peter Krass is a writer, editor, and editorial consultant with more than 20 years of experience as a professional journalist. His fields of expertise include information technology and small business, and he has worked in a wide variety of media, including magazines, newsletters (both print and e-mail), newspapers, books, film, and Web sites. Peter has worked extensively in Web-site publishing.

In order to evoke positive action in your security program, you need a clear direction on where to focus your resources. This webcast will provide you with insight on ways to strengthen your security program, and will also review our “2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights for Leaders” report, in which we share several key findings and observations from our client engagements about the security industry.

Attend this webinar and you will:

  • Explore observations from our engagements and findings
  • See how you can rethink core security processes and operations
  • Understand whether the current nature and behaviors of the threat are evolving or staying constant
  • See what the common attack vectors are and how to protect your organization against the fundamentals of cyber-attacks
  • Learn how to focus your resources from a tactical and strategic perspective
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