Advancing UEBA: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Continuous Machine Learning, and Cloud Infrastructure

Organizations are increasingly faced by internal threats. Insider threats, compromised accounts, administrator abuse and other user-based threats are some of the most damaging threats and the hardest to detect. This has led to the development of user and entity-based analytics (UEBA) solutions, designed to address user based threats. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning these solutions are making it possible to detect advanced threats that weren’t previously visible

In this webinar, Samir Jain, Senior Product Manager, UEBA and Mark Settle, LogRhythm Product Marketing Manager will discuss the evolving UEBA market and advancements in the technology fueling these solutions.

On Demand
1h 00min

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How advancements in AI and machine learning technology are enabling security analytics and in particular UEBA.
  • Why security analytics solutions are moving to cloud infrastructure, and the benefits provided by these new architectures.
  • The capabilities most sought by security mature organizations.
  • Considerations for the integration of UEBA solutions with security analytics/SIEM platforms.

Featured Speakers

  • Mark Settle
    Mark Settle
    Product Marketing Team Manager

    Mark Settle is the Product Marketing Team Manager at LogRhythm. As team lead, he and his team work alongside our Product Management and Development teams to bring LogRhythm products and solutions to market through market research, product positioning, marketing content, and training material. Prior to LogRhythm he led corporate marketing for Zayo Group.

  • Samir Jain
    Samir Jain
    Senior Product Manager, Security Analytics

    Samir Jain is a Senior Product Manager, Security Analytics at LogRhythm. He operates at LogRhythm with a focus on Security Analytics and UEBA, and provides over 18 years of track record innovating and delivering world class enterprise solutions from concept to market launch. Prior to LogRhythm he worked at Avaya for 16 years in Product Management.

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