Phishing: Trends, Attacks and Defense Strategies

Revolutionize Your Phishing/Email Defense

With over 1.2 million phishing threats detected in 2017 alone, enterprises are under constant attack.  While Ransomware has received the lion’s share of attention, everyday “beachhead” attacks were 2.5 times more prevalent.  
This session analyzes the phishing trends, attacks and defense strategies across global enterprises and will even offer some predictions of what to expect in 2018.

On Demand
1h 00min

Join us for this informative, interactive webinar and you’ll:

  • Learn about current email threats and emerging attack trends
  • Get details on the types of companies each attack is most likely to target
  • Discover why insight into the exact nature of active attacks is key to a fast and fully effective threat response
  • Understand how you can dramatically improve your odds escaping an attack through best practices

With limited resources and threats on the rise, it’s time to get smarter about how you manage your organization’s growing email-related security risks.

Featured Speakers

  • Lenny Liebmann
    Lenny Liebmann
    Contributing Editor

    Lenny is an InformationWeek contributing editor and principal analyst at Morgan Armstrong. His unique insight into how organizations succeed and fail at using technology in the real world to achieve their objectives is informed by 40+ years of front-line engagement, dating back to writing his first line of code in 1973. His work has appeared in every leading IT and business publication, and he is a sought-after moderator and speaker for industry events. You can follow him on [email protected]

  • Aaron Higbee
    Aaron Higbee
    CTO and Co-Founder Cofense

    Aaron is the Co-Founder and CTO of Cofense (formerly PhishMe), Inc. directing all aspects of development and research that drives the feature set of this market leading solution. The Cofense method for awareness training was incubated from consulting services provided by Intrepidus Group, a company that Aaron Co-Founded with Rohyt Belani in 2007.
    Aaron remains on the board of directors for Intrepidus Group to ensure it focuses on forging new service lines and attracting motivated researchers and consultants.
    Before Cofense and Intrepidus Group, Aaron served as Principal Consultant for McAfee’s Foundstone division where he was a lead instructor and known for his ability to mentor and develop junior consultants into expert penetration testers. Prior to his seven years of consulting experience, Aaron worked for large Internet Service Providers handling security and abuse incidents, subpoena compliance, and datacenter security. Aaron’s biggest achievement is building industry recognized Intrepidus Group and incubating Cofense out of it.He enjoys the diverse personalities in the information security community and is known for building creative environments needed to promote rich personal and professional development. His creative touch is evident in the unique way he recruits and retains talent and his style further extends itself into his leadership role at Cofense. Aaron is a speaker at regional conferences and associations as well as large conferences such as BlackHat, DefCon, Shmoocon, etc. His expert opinion is a valuable resource for many media outlets interested in security.

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