Strategies for Improving Enterprise Application Security

Most online attacks begin when a hacker discovers a single vulnerability in an enterprise application. But how can organizations eliminate these vulnerabilities before they are exploited?  While most enterprises are focused on application scanning and remediation, many software development experts are advocating better, more secure application development initiatives that prevent vulnerabilities from occurring in the first place. In this webcast, experts on application security and the DevOps movement discuss the steps that enterprises can take to build security into the app development process.

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1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll learn:

  • how to work more effectively with developers
  • how to maintain application security when developers are using containers to build and deploy apps
  • how to recognize and avoid the most common vulnerabilities that appear in homegrown enterprise applications
  • what security factors developers should consider when selecting open-source,  third-party software components
  • how to work with DevOps teams to watch out for implementation errors as well as vulnerabilities

Featured Speakers

  • Sara Peters
    Sara Peters
    Senior Editor
    Dark Reading

    Sara Peters is Senior Editor at Dark Reading and formerly the editor-in-chief of Enterprise Efficiency. Prior that she was senior editor for the Computer Security Institute, writing and speaking about virtualization, identity management, cybersecurity law, and a myriad of other topics. She authored the 2009 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey and founded the CSI Working Group on Web Security Research Law -- a collaborative project that investigated the dichotomy between laws regulating software vulnerability disclosure and those regulating Web vulnerability disclosure.

  • Brad  Causey
    Brad Causey
    CEO, Zero Day Consulting

    Brad Causey is an active member of the security and forensics community worldwide. Brad tends to focus his time on Web Application security as it applies to global and enterprise arenas. He is a member of the OWASP Global Projects Committee and the President of the International Information Systems Forensics Association chapter in Alabama. Brad is an avid author and writer with hundreds of publications and several books. Brad also holds dozens of industry recognized certificates such as CISSP, MCSE, C|EH, CIFI, and CGSP.

  • Rami Elron
    Rami Elron
    Senior Director of Product Management

    Rami has more than 25 years of experience in companies such as IBM, BMC Software and more, thereby directing large-scale projects and driving successful customer-facing, engagements in data security, data storage, data science, product management and business strategy. In addition, Rami is an acclaimed presenter and co-author of several books and international security-related standards.

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