Endgame Ends Document-Based Phishing

According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, “… on average 4% of people in any given phishing campaign will click it...” Successful attacks are inevitable. Just this year we saw cyberattacks on the World Cup, PyeongChang Winter Olympics, financial, chemical and biological threat prevention labs, and Russian election interference. The one thing these all have in common is that they began with email delivered malicious attachments. But phishing is not limited to email and is up 100 percent on social media as well.

Are you suffering from agent overload, alert fatigue or the skills shortage? Do you need a better solution to document based phishing? If so, then this informative, interactive webinar is for you.

On Demand
1h 00min

Join this webinar and you’ll:
• Learn about the world’s first machine learning malicious attachment prevention technology.
• Discover how operators with zero experience can use plain English to find all compromised endpoints and respond in minutes with file or host quarantine.
• Hear about how you can identify and kill the malicious activity before damage and loss can occur with behavioral prevention technology (the only one of its kind).

Don’t miss your chance to learn and ask questions about this single autonomous endpoint protection agent that eliminates the need for AV, NGAV, EDR, incident response tools and scripts, and now adds malicious macro phishing prevention.

Featured Speakers

  • Devon Kerr
    Devon Kerr
    Principal Threat Research

    Devon Kerr is a principal threat researcher at Endgame where he supports rapid prototyping of features, offensive simulation, and QA of analytics and developes a variety of technical materials for publication. Previously, Devon worked at Mandiant for more than 6 years, leading and supporting numerous incident response engagements and improving detection and response capabilities across many industries.

  • Bobby  Filar
    Bobby Filar
    Principal Data Scientist

    Bobby Filar is a principal data scientist at Endgame where he employs machine learning and natural language processing to drive cutting-edge detection and contextual understanding capabilities in Endgame’s endpoint detection and response platform. Previously, Bobby has worked on a variety of machine learning problems focused on natural language understanding, geospatial analysis, and adversarial tasks for a research non-profit. Bobby has given talks at several industry conferences, including O’Reilly Security, AISec and SANS.

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