Integrating, Coordinating, and Orchestrating Your Enterprise Security Tools

Over the past decade, enterprises have purchased a wide range of security tools and systems, many designed to solve only one problem. Today, security teams are looking for ways to aggregate and integrate the capabilities of these systems to help identify sophisticated threats and improve overall enterprise security.

In this Dark Reading webinar, attendees will learn strategies for tying security systems together and orchestrating them to build a better data defense.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you’ll learn how to:

  • Begin building an inventory of your security tools
  • Identify total cost of ownership of all your security tools
  • Effectively orchestrate your existing security tools, and how threat and vulnerability analysis can help
  • Decide when it's time to finally say goodbye to a security tool that isn't delivering what you need

Featured Speakers

  • Duane Kuroda
    Duane Kuroda
    Cyber Security Strategist and Group Manager

    Duane Kuroda is a Cyber Security Strategist and Group Manager for Proofpoint’s Advanced Technologies where he educates and trains customers and staff on advanced technologies and. Before Proofpoint, Duane worked at NetCitadel for their Automated Incident Response and Security Orchestration product and at Checkpoint Software where he oversaw the introduction of Checkpoint’s Threat Emulation Technology and Threat Center. Duane holds three patents and has spoken at conferences and industry events such as FS-ISAC, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) InfraGard, and SecureWorld events.

  • John Pironti
    John Pironti
    IP Architects LLC

    John P. Pironti is the President of IP Architects, LLC. He has designed and implemented enterprise wide electronic business solutions, information security and risk management strategy and programs, enterprise resiliency capabilities, and threat and vulnerability management solutions for key customers in a range of industries, including financial services, insurance, energy, government, hospitality, aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment, and information technology on a global scale for over 20 years.

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