Malicious Insiders: Real Defense for Real Businesses

Which one of your co-workers will it be? The disgruntled worker with oodles of access privileges? The jet-setting workaholic who will find a workaround for every security measure just so she can stay connected and keep working from anywhere, anytime? The eager-to-please front desk staff who always opens the door and shares documents to any stranger who comes along? Insider threats, malicious and accidental, can be anywhere, but your business cannot run without people who are helpful and hardworking. Too much end-user surveillance could damage employee morale. What are your options? In this webinar, learn how cybersecurity professionals can address the insider threat without shutting down business.

On Demand
1h 00min

When you attend this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to make your insider threat management strategy "human-centric," and where identity, behavior analytics, and privileged access management tools fit in
  • What impact corporate culture can make on encouraging, discouraging, or containing threats from insiders
  • The questions to ask about your business, its data, and its users so that you can better detect anomalous or malicious insider behavior before the damage is done

Featured Speakers

  • Anil Markose
    Anil Markose
    SVP of Booz Allen Hamilton

    Anil Markose is a leader in Booz Allen’s commercial business, based in New York City, where he leads a number of market-facing cyber capabilities for commercial clients.

    An experienced leader in security consulting, Anil applies expertise in security strategy, security operations, managed services, incident response, cyber analytics, and data protection to helping solve clients’ greatest challenges.

    Anil started his career as a communications engineering officer for the U.S. Air Force, where he served as a crew commander for Air Combat Command’s Network Operations and Security Center. He then served in the 3rd Combat Communication Group. In this role, he focused on standing up forward-deployed communication capabilities. During his time in the Air Force, Anil deployed to Iraq and surrounding countries in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Prior to joining Booz Allen, Anil was a principal at Ernst & Young’s Cyber Security Consulting Practice, as a leader in their Cyber Threat Management Service, and at Mandiant where he helped build out their Strategic Services Consulting Practice.

    Anil has a M.S. in management from the Florida Institute of Technology, a B.S. in computer systems engineering from Boston University, and is a certified information systems security professional and certified information systems auditor.

  • Amy Boawn
    Amy Boawn
    Senior Lead Technologist
    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Ms. Boawn is an Insider Threat Program Design and Implementation Manager and Fraud Fusion Subject Matter Expert for Booz Allen’s Cyber Defense Team. She is responsible for leading and assisting in the strategic oversight of insider threat program design, implementation, operational testing and evaluation. She also collaborates on the deployment of anomaly and user based behavioral detection tools and develops threat models, use case scenarios and risk indicators. Ms. Boawn has over 20 years of financial industry experience and prior to joining Booz Allen, she was part of team that developed online fraud controls for a Fortune 100 financial services firm. During her time there, she led multiple projects that included the development of fraud policies and procedures, the design and customization of technology driven solutions and the development of anti-fraud training programs. She holds multiple industry certifications, including the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and Insider Threat Program Manager (CERT Carnegie Mellon).

  • Thomas Boyden
    Thomas Boyden
    GRA Quantum

    Building on 12 years in the US government and intelligence community, Tom has found success translating his experience and ardor for protecting society into a valuable service for the private sector. As President of GRA Quantum, he balances the cultivation of relationships with corporate information and technology officers with leading a team of accomplished professionals with a similar conviction—to protect and serve GRA Quantum partners and affiliates.

  • John Poirier
    John Poirier
    Director, Insider Threat Program Development
    GRA Quantum

    John Poirier brings over two decades of counterintelligence (CI) experience to the Quantum team. His extensive background using technical and cyber resources, analyzing CI risks (including insider threats), managing risks and creating defense programs serves our clients well as he develops strategies to combat insider threats.

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