Purple Team Tactics and Threat Intelligence for Effectively Training Your Cybersecurity Team

In this webinar, you will see how purple team tactics and tactical threat intelligence can be used to enhance your security team's capabilities against the next-generation cyber-attacks.

It has been proven that adding security technology cannot completely eliminate cyber-attacks however, training the human can definitely upgrade an organization's security posture. In this webinar, IT security managers and operators will witness how (advanced) adversary simulation, TTP reverse engineering and analysis, scenario-based training, red and blue team synergy and tactical threat intelligence can be used at the core of your training program, to create complete and fully up-to-date IT security professionals.

On Demand
1h 00min

Join us for this informative, interactive webinar and you’ll:

  • Learn how you can defend against the next-generation cyber-attacks
  • Witness how you can detect unseen attacks
  • Learn how to create a complete and up-to-date cyber security team through purple team tactics-based and threat intelligence-based training
  • Learn how you can upgrade your security posture by leveraging purple team tactics and tactical threat intelligence

Purple team tactics and tactical threat intelligence have unfortunately become buzzwords. That’s why a demonstration will also be provided regarding how purple team tactics and tactical threat intelligence could have been used to detect a new, undocumented antivirus evasion technique, that was recently uncovered by eLearnSecurity.

Featured Speakers

  • Dimitrios Bougioukas
    Dimitrios Bougioukas
    Training Director

    Dimitrios holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Athens University of Economics and Business.
    Before joining eLearnSecurity, he worked as a Business Information Security Engineer and Information Security Analyst for a major financial institution, and as a Penetration Tester within EY's practice.
    Dimitrios specializes in advanced cyber threat simulation, threat intelligence and purple team tactics. He has been engaged on numerous penetration testing activities against critical infrastructure, web applications and mobile applications.
    Dimitrios has presented at information security conferences such as BSides and has received acknowledgements from major companies such as IBM Trusteer and LG for finding and reporting vulnerabilities in their web applications.
    In the context of his professional career, Dimitrios has received prestigious information security awards in highly competitive contests such as the Retail Banker International Awards.

  • Lenny Liebmann
    Lenny Liebmann
    Contributing Editor

    Lenny is an InformationWeek contributing editor and principal analyst at Morgan Armstrong. His unique insight into how organizations succeed and fail at using technology in the real world to achieve their objectives is informed by 40+ years of front-line engagement, dating back to writing his first line of code in 1973. His work has appeared in every leading IT and business publication, and he is a sought-after moderator and speaker for industry events. You can follow him on [email protected]

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