Is Your Email Authentication Technology Really Automated?

Fake emails are at the root of so many of today’s cybersecurity woes. Scammers use spoofed email addresses in endlessly creative fashions. Some of the most devasting attacks that mislead email recipients about where the email is coming from.  Buyer beware, because the truthfulness of automation claims in the email authentication market varies wildly by vendor. It takes a diligent buyer to sift between facts and marketing hype.

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Attend this webinar and you'll learn:

  • The reality of DNS as a legacy system
  • Where the manual process goes wrong
  • Why enforcement matters

Featured Speakers

  • Vivek Asija
    Vivek Asija
    VP of Product Marketing

    Vivek is VP of Product Marketing at Valimail, a Shasta and Tenayabacked cybersecurity startup in San Francisco. An "IT guy" turned product marketer, Vivek has been on both sides of the table as buyer and seller of technology solutions for over 20 years. He combines a unique blend of customer empathy, strategic marketing, and storytelling ability that brings business solutions to life.

    Vivek is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and holds a B.A. in History from Wesleyan University and an M.B.A. from Babson College. He is a board member of the Sonoma Ashram Foundation.

  • Peter Krass
    Peter Krass
    Contributing Editor

    Peter Krass is an editor and writer specializing in business technology. Formerly, Peter held senior editorial positions with Inc., Planet IT, Smart Enterprise, TechBuilder, InformationWeek and the BusinessWeek newsletter group.

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