Using Security Champions to Build a DevSecOps Culture Within Your Organization

The security industry has made great strides developing tools and technology to integrate software security into the application development life cycle. However, it’s important not to ignore the people and process aspects of DevSecOps. Building security into application teams’ culture is necessary for DevSecOps to be successful.

Outside the software security group, Security Champions are the leaders of this cultural change.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • How to enable knowledgeable champions within development teams to assist with security activities and vulnerability remediation
  • To build new features not only faster but also more securely
  • The foundations of a successful Security Champions program
  • Challenges you’ll face by implementing such a program

Featured Speakers

  • Brendan Sheairs
    Brendan Sheairs
    Managing Consultant
    Synopsys Software Integrity Group (SIG)

    Brendan Sheairs is a Managing Consultant and serves as a subject matter expert for Security Champions projects at Synopsys, Inc. He works closely with organizations to design, build, and implement their software security initiatives in various markets such as healthcare, finance, and telecommunications. In addition, he works with various teams consisting of principal consultants, senior consultants, and consultants to manage and oversee the delivery of Synopsys services to clients within the Mid-Atlantic region. Brendan has led several projects with a number of Fortune 50 companies to implement and mature their Security Champions initiatives. He has been a CSSLP since 2013.

  • Peter Krass
    Peter Krass
    Contributing Editor

    Peter Krass is an editor and writer specializing in business technology. Formerly, Peter held senior editorial positions with Inc., Planet IT, Smart Enterprise, TechBuilder, InformationWeek and the BusinessWeek newsletter group.

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