A Day in the Life of an OT Cybersecurity Expert

Keeping Critical Infrastructure Safe and Secure

What are the critical must-haves and pitfalls to avoid when it comes to safeguarding industrial facilities in the age of the Industrial Internet of Things? Threats to the safety and security of critical infrastructure make headlines on a regular basis. CISOs and their IT teams may be ultimately accountable for the security of industrial control systems in critical industries such as oil and gas, refining, chemical processing and power generation, but they can benefit greatly from the expertise of their operation technology (OT) cybersecurity teams.

Join us for a panel discussion with three OT cybersecurity experts who share their experience and lessons learned when securing the critical infrastructure. We’ll dive into critical success factors for effectively managing OT risk while ensuring safe and reliable production within the plant.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Learn what to look for when conducting an OT cybersecurity inventory
  • Discover how to meet the requirements for both OT and IT cybersecuirty
  • Understand how a threat model ensures the right threats are addressed
  • Realize how it's possible to be cost effective while also reducing the risk of an attack

Featured Speakers

  • Brian Foster
    Brian Foster
    Director of OT Security
    Leo Cybersecurity

    In an industry populated by the unique and highly skilled, Brian stands out. While in a highly successful career as an Automation Engineer designing, building, and programming the devices he now protects he found himself driven to do more. Frustrated with the growing cultural divide between OT and IT resulting from the rapidly shrinking boundary between the technologies, he set out to bridge the gap. He now has 10 years of thriving experience in the young ICS/OT Cybersecurity industry. With an advanced understanding of the technology he is protecting and an Engineer’s approach, Brian directs the programs he manages with a focus on a safe and secure operation. He actively engages the IT and OT teams to build bridges and tear down silos resulting in greater overall security. Brian believes leadership is an opportunity to help enable those around him to be the best versions of themselves. He strives to be the go to technology expert, providing guidance and mentorship to his fellow leadership team. In a rapidly evolving industry, Brian’s passion for protecting all the necessities of daily life helps lead the way to a safer and more secure world.

  • Spencer Wilcox
    Spencer Wilcox
    Executive Director ofTechnology and Security
    PNM Resources

    Spencer Wilcox is Executive Director of Technology and Security at PNM Resources, where he is accountable for IT Infrastructure, Cyber and Physical Security. In this role he provides strategic leadership and leads teams responsible for protecting the grid. Spencer is a nationally recognized speaker, and regular contributor to (ISC)2, ASIS, and SC Congress events. He has participated as a judge in the SC awards, and Maryland Cyber awards and as a volunteer on the boards of directors for both the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc, and the Fort Meade Alliance.

  • Jason Haward-Grau
    Jason Haward-Grau
    Chief Information Security Officer
    PAS Global, LLC

    Jason Haward-Grau joined PAS in 2017. As the CISO at PAS, Jason oversees corporate cybersecurity and ensures PAS technologies address the needs of the CISO community. Jason brings a proven track record of successful delivery in Cybersecurity, IT Development & Operations, IT & Cyber Shared Services, Consulting and Change Management. His previous IT leadership roles include Group Chief Information Security Officer at MOL Group, Director of IT Service & Security Operations at Burberry, and Head of Technology Security Operations at Vodafone. Jason holds a BA (hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Queen Mary College, University of London; a Law degree from the University of Brighton; and a Masters of Law from the University of East London.

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