AI vs. AI: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The day hackers start using AI and how to protect against it

Think about what would happen when hackers start using the power of AI for their malicious ends? With the dissemination of AI knowledge and resources, this has become not a theoretical question of if, but when. In this webinar we’ll be drawing out the implications of this, as we explore the three possible types of attack which include:

  • AI based attacks – where malware is built on AI algorithms as an integral part of its business logic.
  • AI based attack infrastructure and frameworks – where the AI is used elsewhere in the attacker’s environment and infrastructure, for e.g. server malware creation process etc.
  • Adversarial attacks – where “malicious” AI algorithms work to subvert the functionality of “benign” AI algorithms.
On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Understand the future cyber-threat landscape
  • Get a glimpse of the role that advanced AI will play in the development of future malware
  • Hear as deep learning experts provide a breakdown of different types of AI attacks and how they will work
  • Gather valuable information that will be useful when planning your future focused security strategy
  • Receive expert recommendations on how to protect the enterprise against advanced AI cyber threats

Featured Speakers

  • Nadav Maman
    Nadav Maman
    CTO & co-founder

    Mr. Maman has over 15 years of experience in customer-driven businesses and technical leadership. He has a proven track record in senior management positions. Mr. Maman was managing technical complex cyber projects, including design and execution, pre-sales and post-sales. Mr. Maman held various senior management positions in Check Point Software technologies for over six years. Mr. Maman has vast hands-on experience with data security, network design, and implementation of complex heterogeneous environments. He was an intelligence officer in a well-known IDF technological cyber unit for five years. Mr. Maman was recruited to Israel’s top technology intelligence unit, where he led design and establishment of military data security infrastructures.

  • Bruno Mariano
    Bruno Mariano
    Director of Technical Support and Services
    Kings Food Markets

  • Peter Krass
    Peter Krass
    Contributing Editor

    Peter Krass is an editor and writer specializing in business technology. Formerly, Peter held senior editorial positions with Inc., Planet IT, Smart Enterprise, TechBuilder, InformationWeek and the BusinessWeek newsletter group.

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