DDoS Resilience, Remediation and Recovery: Updating Your Strategy

Most organizations keep back-ups and have basic plans to protect themselves from denial of service attacks. However, most of those DDoS response strategies were long before businesses relied upon cloud services for fundamental operations, before our environments were full of IoT devices requiring network access, and long before the threat of IoT botnets. We are more reliant than ever on network access, and attackers have more powerful tools than ever to cut that access off.

So are you ready for a DDoS attack on your network -- or on your service provider’s network – or is it time to update your resilience, remediation and recovery plan? In this webinar, learn strategies that will make your business resilient against the DDoS threats of today.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Explore the methods and magnitude of the DDoS threat today
  • Understand the role of strong, reputable DNS plays in your DDoS remediation strategy
  • Learn how to keep your business afloat during a DDoS attack and recover faster

Featured Speakers

  • John P. Pironti
    John P. Pironti
    IP Architects

    John P. Pironti is the President of IP Architects, LLC. He has designed and implemented enterprise wide electronic business solutions, information security and risk management strategy and programs, enterprise resiliency capabilities, and threat and vulnerability management solutions for key customers in a range of industries, including financial services, insurance, energy, government, hospitality, aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment, and information technology on a global scale for over 25 years.

  • Mike Kaczmarek
    Mike Kaczmarek
    Vice President, Product Management

    Michael Kaczmarek heads product management for Neustar’s Security Solutions business unit. He is responsible for developing and evangelizing the vision, strategies, and tactics for the successful launch and expansion of products into new and existing markets.

    Prior to joining Neustar, Michael was with Verisign for more than 18 years where he served in various capacities including VP of product management and marketing for Verisign Security Services. Prior to joining Verisign, Michael was a systems engineering manager for Lockheed Martin in charge of their Solid Rocket Motor Disposition in Russia Program.

    Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland and a Master of Engineering in environmental engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

  • Sara Peters
    Sara Peters
    Senior Editor
    Dark Reading

    Sara Peters is Senior Editor at Dark Reading and formerly the editor-in-chief of Enterprise Efficiency. Prior that she was senior editor for the Computer Security Institute, writing and speaking about virtualization, identity management, cybersecurity law, and a myriad of other topics. She authored the 2009 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey and founded the CSI Working Group on Web Security Research Law -- a collaborative project that investigated the dichotomy between laws regulating software vulnerability disclosure and those regulating Web vulnerability disclosure.

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