Malicious Insiders: Real Defense for Real Business

"Corporate espionage, sabotage and other security incidents could be committed or aided by any insider with something to gain from it. So how might you predict when a once-trustworthy employee is about to do something malicious? How can you give staff all the tools and access privileges they need to be productive, without leaving the organization open to unnecessary risk? 

In this webinar, learn how cybersecurity professionals can reduce, detect and mitigate the insider threat without disrupting business.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Learn key indicators that malicious insider activity is occurring or may soon occur
  • Better understand the factors that make your organization more likely to generate malicious insiders and more vulnerable to their attacks
  • Get prepared with tools and techniques that can combat the insider threat without disrupting business or damaging corporate culture 

Featured Speakers

  • Dan Costa
    Dan Costa
    Deputy Director of the National Insider Threat Center
    CERT Division of the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

    Dan Costa is the Deputy Director of the National Insider Threat Center in the CERT Division of the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. Dan leads the research and engineering efforts for the CERT National Insider Threat Center, where he and his team conduct empirical research and analysis to develop solutions that combat insider threats. Dan and his team design, develop, and transition tools, algorithms, and exercises that enhance organizations’ abilities to detect, prevent, and respond to insider threats. Dan has extensive experience evaluating insider threat programs, assessing organizations’ vulnerabilities to specific insider threats, and assisting with insider threat program building for a multitude of government and industry organizations. Dan specializes in researching and developing insider threat data collection and analysis techniques and won the best paper award at the 2014 Semantic Technology for Intelligence, Defense, and Semantics for his team’s work “An Insider Threat Indicator Ontology”. Dan has a background in computer science and software engineering, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, an IEEE Certified Professional Software Engineering Master, and an adjunct faculty member and faculty advisor in the H. John Heinz III College at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Dave Sikora
    Dave Sikora

    A software industry veteran, Dave has previously served as CEO of 2 public and 5 private, venture capital backed software companies and has held board director positions with 4 public companies. He executed the first Internet Software IPO in the State of Texas in 1995 and collectively his companies have raised over $100M in venture capital and have experienced exits and value creation events of almost $1B.

  • Jason Truppi
    Jason Truppi
    Former Cyber Special Agent for the FBI, Director of Security at Tanium

    A career technologist turned FBI agent and now tech entrepreneur, Jason has many years of experience working in information systems and security. As an FBI Cyber Agent in New York City he worked on some of the Nation's largest national security and criminal cyber intrusions.

  • Sara Peters
    Sara Peters
    Senior Editor
    Dark Reading

    Sara Peters is Senior Editor at Dark Reading and formerly the editor-in-chief of Enterprise Efficiency. Prior that she was senior editor for the Computer Security Institute, writing and speaking about virtualization, identity management, cybersecurity law, and a myriad of other topics. She authored the 2009 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey and founded the CSI Working Group on Web Security Research Law -- a collaborative project that investigated the dichotomy between laws regulating software vulnerability disclosure and those regulating Web vulnerability disclosure.

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