Unifying Your Enterprise’s Endpoint Security Strategy

For enterprises that support many users and endpoints, building and maintaining a consistent security strategy was a major challenge even before 2020. Since the onset of the global pandemic, however, it has become more difficult than ever to build and maintain a security strategy that protects enterprise data and users across such a wide variety of devices and locations. In this Dark Reading webinar, top experts discuss strategies and tools for unifying endpoint security policies and practices, and for simplifying the process of end user provisioning, access, and security management. Attendees will get an overview of the methods they can use to unify endpoint security capabilities, and the tools available to manage endpoint security across the enterprise.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Learn about some of the top threats facing endpoints today
  • Get strategies and tools for unifying endpoint security policies and practices
  • Gain insight on how to simplify end user provisioning, access, and security management.
  • Get takeaways for methods you can begin using immediately to manage endpoint security across the enterprise

Featured Speakers

  • John Ehring
    John Ehring
    Senior Manager, Cyber Threat Operations
    Accenture Security

    John has over 10 years in cybersecurity, working with Fortune 500 clients across technology, oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing and financial serves. He was previously the Cybersecurity Consultant at PwC where his focus included data loss prevention, data protection and penetration testing. As the Senior Manager, Cyber Threat Operations at Accenture Security, he is focused on CISO advisory and cyber fusion center strategy, transformation and operations.

  • Chuck Everette
    Chuck Everette
    Director of Cyberesecurity Advocacy
    Deep Instinct

    Chuck Everette is the Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy and has been in various pivotal roles providing leadership as an industry respected trusted adviser and trailblazer. Chuck has been in the Cybersecurity industry for over 20+ years and brings more than 25 years of IT leadership experience to the Deep instinct team. Throughout his IT career, Chuck has held various IT leadership roles with a number of Fortune 500 and IT companies such as Microsoft, Philip Morris, Kraft Foods, EDS, HP, Fiserv, FIS, and several government agencies before moving into the cyber vendor space. His years working in the security field have ignited his passion for protecting businesses, specifically in cyber-security. Chuck has since cultivated his hunger for cyber security and has become a cyber advocate/speaker, educating SMB, enterprise, government, and public sector representatives on cyber security topics for the ever changing cyber landscape.

  • Joan Goodchild
    Joan Goodchild
    Senior Editor
    Dark Reading

    Joan Goodchild is a veteran journalist, editor, and writer who has been covering security for more than a decade. She has written for several publications and previously served as editor-in-chief for CSO Online.

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