Building an Incident Readiness and Response Playbook

The cyber attackers hit their mark: now what do you do? Whom do you call first? Do you have a plan to contain the damage, eliminate the threat, avoid destruction of forensic evidence, and keep the business operational at the same time? Do you know how to uphold compliance requirements, address customer questions, and pay for all the unforeseen costs of an emergency? Don't make a data breach any harder than it needs to be. At this webinar, learn the Xs and Os of any good security incident readiness and response playbook.

On Demand
1h 00min

Attend this webinar and you'll:

  • Get tips to get started with crafting an incident response plan
  • Learn how and why IR plans should be tested regularly
  • Find out how to create an IR plan with compliance in mind
  • Gain an understanding of the essential elements of an IR plan

Featured Speakers

  • Jake  Williams
    Jake Williams
    President and Founder
    Rendition InfoSec

    Jake Williams is a computer science and information security expert, U.S. Army veteran, certified SANS instructor, and course author. Jake has over a decade of experience in secure network design; penetration testing, incident response, forensics, and malware reverse engineering space. He is a former Network Exploitation operator with the DoD where he is one of less than 15 people to date who have earned the designation of “Master CNE Operator”.

  • Ryan Clancy
    Ryan Clancy
    Compliance and Assessment Division
    Motorola Solutions

    Ryan started his career in the military as a cyber warfare officer for the US Air Force. From there he joined the commercial space focusing on cyber intelligence and incident response. Ryan has taken on customers in a variety of sectors including energy, finance, healthcare, and defense. Currently, Ryan leads the compliance and assessment division for Motorola Solutions Inc.

  • Joan Goodchild
    Joan Goodchild
    Senior Editor
    Dark Reading

    Joan Goodchild is a veteran journalist, editor, and writer who has been covering security for more than a decade. She has written for several publications and previously served as editor-in-chief for CSO Online.

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